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  • Are you interested in how our opinion of the things entertaining us are expressed in starry numbers? 
  • Are you interested in what we look for in our entertainment?

If your answer to any of the questions above is YES, then you've found the right page: 

Reviews: Ratings and Requests


This is a blog dedicated to entertainment in the widest sense, including books, movies and some music. As well as games, shopping, kids and how we attempt to raise them - whatever entertains us. And yes, Carla and I are very much alike, but, we are from different backgrounds with slightly different tastes, something that shows mostly in how and what we like to read and watch. 

So please study the following explanations carefully to save yourself unnecessary heartbreak (and a bad rating of one's book does break a writer's heart, guys - we can relate).

Let's start with Reviews & Rating:  


Favorite genres: Fantasy, YA Urban Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance is fine too, but more Carla's thing; 

I'm not interested in: Horror, Self-Help/How-to Books, Inspirational titles (other than romance) and any genre that ends in -ary (except for literary fiction that is, of course).


Favorite genres: Romance - paranormal and otherwise, Paranormal Fantasy, Adult books - erotica/non-erotica; Crime and Mystery are okay too. 

I'm not interested in: YA, Horror, Self-Help/How-to Books, YA, religious topics, and did I mention YA? (send them to Caris!)

NOTE: If you've read our favorite genres and think your book might be our cup of tea, but your book genre isn't up there, send us an email anyway with your book description (the worst we can do is say no).

What we look for in a book: Strong characters, great pacing, witty dialogues, creative world building, and a logical, plausible, believable plot.

What we look for in a movie: Strong characters, great pacing, no holes in the plot (logic is no primary requirement; if the story is consistent, then we are willing to switch off our brains for a while). And amazing, witty, sarcastic dialogues of course.

Meaning: While we enjoy watching Alien vs. Predator, Scream, John Carter, Fast and the Furious, and Basic, we'd never ever want to read the books (Sorry to all Edgar Rice Burroughs Fans - A Princess of Mars is gruesome!)

Our Rating:

1 Star: The Pyre
Yes, there are books that cause us to cry - because we mourn the tree that had to die for nothing. We're the last ones to ever burn a book, but a campfire is the only thing this read is good for. 

2 Stars: To Err is Human or The One Hit Wonder
Not as bad as the above, but severely lacking. The Wonder being that we finished the book; the One Hit being us hitting "buy" in the first place.

3 Stars: Run of the Mill or Pajama Day Book 
Decent read, with some perks, some flaws, but overall okay. We wouldn't actively search for more works of the author but if it was on sale, then we would probably be tempted to give him or her another shot. Worth a try and definitely a nice choice for a fluffy read on a pajama day.

4 Stars: Yummy or Time Well Spent
Now this is a great read that makes the shortlist for the 'Best Book Ever' Award. Not in the grand finale because though great not timeless enough for a future classic. But time well spent, time greatly enjoyed, and a definite re-read. 

5 Stars: WOW or Touch It and Die
This book is absolutely brilliant. As essential as morning coffee/tea, it will be one of the three items we'd take on a lonely island with us.

We know that's harsh, especially because we are writers ourselves; the thing is, reading is not writing, and while we might still have a long way to be on par with Hemingway and Shakespeare, we do know a good book from a bad one. Or rather, we know which kind of books we want to spend our precious free-time reading. 

We happily accept indie/self-published titles as we are indie authors ourselves and we happily support you in every way!

If you are still interested in us reviewing your book or if you are interested in contributing to our blog by way of a guest post, feel free to send us an email with your details and preferred reviewer:
or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

We'd love to hear from you and read & review your books!


We either bought the books we review ourselves or were provided with them by the author for an honest review. We do not get paid for our reviews nor would we ever accept such an offer. 


As you might have realized, we are auto-entries on every spell check's 'Most Hated' list. We do our best when it comes to spelling and typing, but we are only human; and there's a reason editors are the gods of the writing world. 
So be lenient and take any and all mistakes you stumble upon in stride. Or make a list and mail it to us: Or wait a bit and use said list to make the first place in our biannual 'Spelling Bee' contest! (Person which finds the most mistakes wins).

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