Discover Caris' fantasy series set in a world full of magic, ruled by cruel gods and protected by powerful warriors. 

Soul of Fire (Chronicles of Quiliaris, #1) 


"You can’t run from your demons, Sheba An-Pyr. There will come a time to take a stance and confront them, regardless of the consequences. Even at the cost of your life. You can’t escape your destiny forever, Child. There is a time in everyone’s life when they need to rise to the challenge, to be courageous when faced with defeat – and yours is now."
In Quiliaris, strength and power are revered. Sheba An-Pyr, Princess of Fire, has neither. Neglected by her family, shunned by her people, and a murderer on her heels, she lives her life in the shadows. Trying her best to keep a low profile, she travels the lands with her Hashisin uncle as his servant, but when he is summoned to his Warrior Guild's quadrennial tryouts, things begin to change. A twist of fate allows her to partake in the trials, and with every challenge she masters, she discovers more of who she is and where her destiny lies.

An age-old prophecy, scheming Gods, cantankerous beasts, and chauvinistic Warriors - Soul of Fire has it all. Follow the Princess of Fire as she breaks free from the chains of her past and becomes the Warrior, the Hashisin, she is meant to be.

Because without her, Quiliaris might very well be lost.

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Emerald Fire (Chronicles of Quiliaris, #0.5)


A cold-blooded murder. A Warrior seeking revenge. A Healer with a dark secret. Gods who work their own agenda. And an innocent woman caught in a web of lies, deceit, and pain. 

Explore the world of Quiliaris, a world where power and elemental magic rules, and follow Onyx, spy master of the Hashisins’ Guild and one of the best Warriors in Quiliaris, on his hunt for his brother’s murderer. 

Emerald Fire, the prequel novella to Soul of Fire (Chronicles of Quiliaris #1), focuses on the time after the Fire King’s death and Onyx’s hunt for the Traitor. After months of searching for a lead, it’s Serabi, trusted friend and best Healer of her generation, who points him in the right direction by revealing a secret so vile that even the seasoned Warrior is troubled by it. Drowning in guilt for not being able to save his brother, he confronts his nemesis…only to suffer defeat. Thanks to Nia, Chief Mistress of Ter Sentra’s Hareem, he realizes that redemption is not to be found in death but in life. And in the arms of the woman that was able to reach his soul even in his darkest hours.

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Sword of Fire (Chronicles of Quiliaris, #2)

The apprenticeship. Five years of sweat and hardships. With war brewing in Imbra, Sheba needs to learn fast. 
Will it be enough to face her greatest enemy? 



  1. I can't find Sword of Fire anywhere. Was it ever released?

  2. Meanwhile, I've read books 1 and 2 multiple times and I'm anxiously waiting for the Crown of Fire. Is there a publication date available already? Can't wait to learn how the story goes on... Kindest regards, Angela




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