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So, here is where we raise your expectations and tell you what you'll be dealing with post-wise.

Given that we have a weird sense of the wonderful, we figure that  if you understand what the posts should be about (you don't want to know how often we come across blank stares from people who just don't get it, which is another excellent reason to start this blog: confusing people without being stared at) you might feel like joining in by leaving us a comment (even if it's just to ask if we are nuts).

So here they are: 

#On Going Story (Cool Title, anyone?)

This is where Caris and I are going to test (let it run rampant) our imaginations. One of us will start off by writing around a 100 words (more like 500 since neither Carla nor I, is good with numbers) of the beginning of a story, and finish in the middle of a sentence. Then the other will have to start where the story was stopped. And so on and so on (hence 'On going story'). We might even add a contest every now à la "Who dunnit?" The first prize is either a freebie book of ours or for the more literary inclined people out there, we offer to wax poetic Shakespeare style (that'd be a sonnet). 

#Watch This! (TV/Movie Review)

This is basically when we see something on TV that is so good we want to tell the world how awesome it is before we change the channel and forget. 

And no, this is not meant to be a post-it for our ADHD confused brains to remember which movies we've already seen.

#Read Me, Love Me, Buy Me (Book Review)

It is what it is (go to our review policy page to see what genres you can expect to read about). 

For everyone who is still scratching their heads afterwards, here it is in a nutshell: we read a book, write down our thoughts about them (hence the review part), spice them up, and post them.

#Sta(c)king The Shelves or News from The Pyre

Caris is better at explaining this, so I'm going to leave it to her. 

Well, Caris refuses to explain Stacking the Shelves, as she is so much fonder of Carla's idea of Staking the Shelves... which led to this feature.

But you're so pretty... 

Fine. Staking the Shelves or News from The Pyre is about our DNF titles; we might give you the chance to submit an entry for "The Pyre" Award (Worst Book Ever).

However, we are strong believers in balance, so we will include new and promising titles as well... to help you cure your depression and prove that not all trees died for nothing.

#What Are You Reading?

Now this will be a feature where we get all interactive and ask you to tell us what got your interest - and suggest a title you want to see reviewed.

(Aren't we generous and giving?)

#Kids 'R' Us

This is where we (mainly Caris, because she loves Disney [doesn't everyone?] and is far more suited for this roll) are going to review toys, games, movies, books (all things kids basically), to give you our thoughts as parents and our kids (sum total of five - 4 girls and 1 boy) thoughts on the items (if they are willing to share it with us, that is).

#Gems Lost and Found: Golden Oldies

This monthly piece will feature either a classic read, a classic movie (along the lines of Ben Hur, Gone with the Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Back to the Future, etc). Why? Because they are timeless and beautiful and absolutely feature-worthy. 

#Let's Stalk: Blog Of The Week

Here's where we will tell you when we find another awesome blog to check out and stalk! And it's a way to say 'thanks' to all those generous bloggers who have given us precious stage time to present ourselves and/or our works. We love you! (We'd appreciate it if you consider loving us back!)

#Hemingway... or The Next Best Thing: Author Of The Month

Caris and I are going to choose our Favorite Author from the amazing books we've reviewed/read and do a piece on them for being so awesome! 

Look out for giveaways (Note to authors: Be generous, guys!)

#Diary of the Weird and Wonderful: Our Life in Review

Every fortnight (or so) Caris and I are going to keep you up to date [read rant, vent, boast about] on our lives. Ranging from writing our books - to seeing good looking cars - to being stared at by weird old men (that's happened to me more than once).

#Shopping Spree

Sometimes when Caris and I treat ourselves to pretty things we tell each other all about it. We decided to add this as a feature so we can buy more things and talk, er, blog about it (all for the greater good, of course).

#Sing For The Moment

You know when you hear a song, and you sing it so much you know it word for word, then start to imagine yourself singing it in front of Simon Cowell? (No? Just me? Oh...) Well anyway, we're going to blog about those songs!

Why? Because we've been threatened with something worse than death if we sing these songs one more time. Or even whisper them. Or lip-sync them.

#Miscellaneous or Update from the Empire of the Weird and Wonderful

Now this is where we talk about everything else catching our interest not fitting one of the above categories.


  1. Good blog girls!! I know what you mean about the "weird old men" who think your eyes are on your chest, probably goin through a mid life crisis, if so why don't they dye there hair or buy a car!!! Anyway, keep blogging and I'll keep reading.

  2. I don't think dying their hair and buy a car won't cut it with those ill-mannered..."individuals"
    Thanks for the comment, it's great to know we aren't alone :)
    And of course we'll keep blogging, it's way too much fun!




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