The Old Soul's Coven is Carla's amazing first series set in a world where vampires and witches live side by side with humans, one trying to coexist with the other. Things change dramatically when The Old Soul's Coven - the Coven said to be the most powerful and most dangerous in existence - finally makes a reappearance. And threatens to change the world forever - for both vampires and witches. 

Emily's Haven (The Old Soul's Coven, #1) 


The Old Soul's Coven are in search for their leader Melinda. But in her place they find a librarian called Emily Harris.

Will Emily's shady past and hidden secrets reveal she was the one they were looking for or will their hunt for Melinda lead to a whole lot more?

If drama, gossip and sarcasm are the things you look for in a book then this is a perfect read for you.

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 Anna's Dilemma (The Old Soul's Coven, #0.5 )


Anna was turned into a vampire after being attacked by someone she loved. Luke saved her life that night showing her a world she never knew existed, in return Anna has stayed by his side as his loyal friend and companion.
Anna was happy but after a chance meeting with Daniel, she realized something was missing in her life…love!

Daniel is a witch who belongs to the wrong coven for the right reasons. He has one goal in life, protect his little sister. Will letting Anna into his life lead to his salvation or his destruction? Only time will tell. 

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Stay tuned:

The Old Soul's Coven, #2 is coming soon!

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