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We are Caris and Carla: full-time mums, part-time writers, bestest penpals and now bloggers. We met on Twitter (true story!) and got talking - about books, what else? - and discovered that 140 characters do not fit our needs. As none of us ever had a penpal when we were young, we decided better late than never, and started emailing. And found out that we are two C's in a pod with our love for sarcasm, our strange sense for humor (that's where the weird comes in) and our shared love for the written word. Even when we are a thousand miles apart (google maps says it's more like 1500 miles, but that's just not as poetic).

But enough with the mushy stuff, this is us

Hi, my name is Carla Michelle Hamilton and I was raised by my single Mother, along side my three younger siblings.
I grew up in Middlesbrough up until joining the British Army at the age of sixteen. I left shortly after giving birth to my first child.
I now live in Northern Ireland with my husband and our son.

I've always loved writing since I was a child, of course then, I was the main character in all of my stories and repeatedly saved the world. But now I love to build from my crazy imagination and see where it leads me.

My books are based around witches and vampires, but the main focus of the story is the fights and dramas that come with a large group of people. I don't do love triangles, love pentagons are more my style with lots of variables and hurdles thrown in along the way!

I'm currently working on my third book, and excited to finally start college this fall, and blogging about what I love most!

Hi, I'm Caris McRae  and I live with my family and my pets in Austria. 

Being a major bookworm, I read everything I can get my greedy hands on from fantasy to paranormal romance. 

With four kids, I do have an extensive knowledge about fairy tales, adventure stories, and everything else children from age four to twelve like to read and watch (here's where I admit to being a Disney addict). However, as great as these tales are, I decided to write my own version of them – for grown-ups. 

I'm currently working on Book II in my new series, and I'm happy to have the chance to do this blog with the greatest penpal (and friend) ever! 
You may also enjoy visiting my website carismcrae.com for more info and extras!

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