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On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 15

"I know," Claire sighed into the phone, "me too. I've talked to your brother already and we've agreed that we'll wait until Lara has come of age and the transition is over and done with - she'll need both me and Harris at that time." "Don't count on him to be here in time. If I know him, the temple he's in is dedicated to yet another fertility goddess - he's sure as shit banging his brains out over there; why else would he take witches with him?" Scarlet exhaled heavily. "But then, he never was the best of fathers; thank God the kids have mothers to care for them. Anyway, I think Lara's birthday may be a blessing: we can assist her and then break the news to her and Luc; it won't be that much of surprise then, don't you think?"
"That sounds like a good plan," her sister-in-law and love of Scarlet's life agreed. 
"So you're coming home? I miss you."
"I miss you too, honey. But I can't just come home - I'm supposed to be in some ancient temple, baby." Claire paused for a moment, thinking. "How about you make a trip to London instead? You tell everyone there was a pipe burst at the mansion and you need to oversee the repairs? And before you say it, the kids are old enough to survive two months without supervision. It wouldn't be the first time. Between the wolf in the house to take care of Lara's needs and Luc to watch over her, everything will be fine."
Scarlet had grinned at Claire's excitement. Now that was one eager lover. "All right, babe. But only on one condition: I need to check up on them once every day. The Alpha announced to do the same, fearing for Lara's chew toy, so..."
"Five minutes,"Claire muttered. "I'll give you five fucking minutes for your call. The rest of the day belongs to us, and only us!"
"I'll be there in about two hours. Be a darling and await me in bed in my favorite outfit," Scarlet purred.
"You bet I will," Claire replied in a sexy voice and hung up.
By Lucifer, Scarlet thought as she hastily packed a suitcase, two months alone-time with her lover - they hadn't had that since Lara was born. And now Clarie was waiting for her in their bed  - naked. She hurried even more and leaving a scribbled note on the dresser in the entrance room for Luc, she left the house.  

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On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone): Chapter 14

Chapter 14


“If I’d have told you I’m an Alpha, you wouldn’t have come anywhere near me.” Rhyd growled.
“You don’t know that.” Luc shot back, he actually liked knowing his wolf is an Alpha.
“Oh really, so you’ve told your precious aunt about me? Or your sexy little sis–” Before Rhyd could finish disrespecting Lara, Luc gripped his throat.
“Don’t you dare go anywhere near her.” He warned.
Rhydian swung his fist into Luc’s gut, causing Luc to leave go of him. “You acted like you didn’t even know me in there Lucien! When your aunt rang me and I realized it was your sister that needed help, I didn’t even blink before saying yes, I’m doing all of this for you.”
“You still should have told me who you were.” Luc said again, not wanting to let it go.
“How was I going to convince you I’m an Alpha, when you wouldn’t take me seriously after I asked you to be my mate?”
“That’s because you know nothing about vampires.” Luc said arrogantly.
“What don’t I know?”
“You don’t know how to handle a twenty-year-old vamp for one, Lara had you wrapped around her little finger earlier.”
“Hey, she can wrap me around any part of her body–”
“Rhyd!” Lucien gritted his teeth together.
“Chill,” Rhyd laughed, “I’m just busting your ball.”
Luc looked away from Rhyd, he wanted to get the talking part out of the way before…before he lets Rhydian really bust his balls.
“You don’t know anything about my family either.”
“I’ll learn about your family, after.”
“After what?”
“After you agree to mate me, and only me…”

Scarlet paced around on the hardwood floor of her living room, glass of whisky in one hand and her mobile in the other.
“It’s me.” Scarlet sighed.
“What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong is, your kids are driving me crazy.”
“First of all; they’re our kids, secondly; what have they done know?”
“Err, Lara’s coming of age next month and her parents are nowhere to be seen. So I had to act as her pimp, and find her a wolf.”
“I knew she’d be ok with you there.”
“Why do you do this to me, is it not bad enough that I couldn’t be the one to give you children, I had to trust my brother with that task instead? Where are you, why aren’t you here with me Claire?”
“I’m scared.” Claire confessed quietly. “I don’t want to tell the kids the truth on my own, and your brother is off with a coven of witches somewhere in an ancient temple out of cell range.”
“You’re the one sending the e-mails to the kids?” Scarlet asked, remembering Lucien going on about how happy his parents looked in the pictures they’d sent.
“Yeah, thank Lucifer for Photoshop.”
Scarlet gulped down the rest of her whisky, “where are you Claire?”
“I’m still in the country.”
“I’ve waited centuries for our time to come. You promised me once both of the kids had come of ages you’d leave Harris and have a real relationship with me again… I’m sick of hiding.”

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On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 13

Lucien looked at his sister, trying to figure out what she was up to now. The Alpha was welcome every fucking day? Ha, he thought, no way. Lara did not appreciate regular check-ups. And surely not from an asshole like the Alpha showing no respect whatsoever. So what was this all about?
While he still wondered about that, Lara continued as sweet as before, "Well, if that was all..." She turned a bit, then pointed her finger towards the exit. "There's the door."
Still playing Snow White the Dumb, she went over to the Alpha, who still stood there radiating aggression, took his arm and ushered him out. "Bye," she said, moving him over threshold and closed the door with a bang behind him. Only to open it again a second later. "Oh, and make sure to call before you knock on my door - I do have a life, you know." Bang, the second. 
"Well done, vamp," the chew toy said from the dinner room door. "I've never seen Rhyd so pissed in all my life. That look was priceless."
"Shut it, pup," Luc snapped at him. "Or I'll forget you're here for a reason."
"Sweetie," Aunt Scarlet said then, "no threatening our guests. Your mother raised you better than that; I raised you better than that." Then she slapped him on the head - like a four-year-old. Not fair
Next she focused on Lara though, who still had this devilish look in her eyes. 
"So Lara; first, sorry for not telling you. Second, care to share what that was all about? And how in hell you managed to snack on the poor pup within minutes of his arrival?" 

Lara swallowed. What to say, what to say? The truth was out, since that would mean an extended lecture about manners and what-not. And she wasn't in the mood for that. However, she was in the mood for some fun and the chew toy and she had unfinished business. What with cream for dessert and stuff. But she had no choice. Scarlet would know when she was lying.
"Why, Auntie, it was either making an effort and be nice or wipe the floor with him; I didn't think you'd appreciate the former. And for the rest - it's all your fault; you told Luc to take the food with you, which left me starving. I was just quenching my thirst." She was back to the Snow White routine now, hoping her aunt would accept her words and just leave
"Hm," her aunt said, "I don't know. In any case, Luc is staying the night, seeing to it that you treat the pup well. I'm not in the mood for another fight with the wolves just right now. And sweetie, behave."
Lara nodded, though she was fuming. Luc had to stay here? What the fuck? 

Fifteen minutes later, Scarlet left and Lara was alone with Damian. And her brother. Great. 
"She's gone," she told Luc, when she didn't hear the car anymore. "You can leave now. And thanks for ratting me out, Luc. That was really helpful," she hissed. 
"Not so fast, Lara, not so fast. First I'm gonna have a littel talk with the chew toy here." Luc grinned evilly. 
"Yeah, whatever, but make fast. I don't have all day."
Luc gripped Damian at his gruff and threw him on the couch in the living room. "Hey, you can't leave me alone with your crazy-ass vamp lover, bitch! That's not in the contract. You heard Rhyd, no injuries!"
"Oh, stop with the whining, boy, will you? First, Luc here is my brother, not my lover - ugh- and second, your alpha said no permanent injuries. Trust me, Luc knows the difference."
"What? Fuck no! I refuse to have that talk with him - not with him still pissed at my Alpha!"
"Uncaring cow! It's your fault if I can't perform when he's finished. Do you hear?" he yelled. 

"Enough!" Luc boomed and squeezed the wolf's throat to shut him up. "I'll make it short: leave a bruise on her and die. Be less than respectful, and die. Hurt her feelings and die. Did I make myself clear?"

Damian swallowed. Wow, these vamps really were scary in their anger. He knew the boy-vamp wasn't kidding around. He'd be six feet under within a blink if he was stupid enough to do any of the above mentioned things. Good thing he wasn't stupid.

"Crystal clear," he finally answered Lara's badass brother. Damn, that had been a relief; as much as he didn't like the prostitute part, he couldn't deny that the vamp was hot - and worth his while. The thought of a lover at the sides had dampened his interest in her considerably. He wasn't one to poach. But with the asshole being her brother, his interest was back, full force.
"Good," came the clipped answer. "Have fun, guys - and Lara, make sure to break him in good. Maybe we need him again." And then the brother was gone. 
Break him in? What the hell?
But given the evil grin on Lara's face, she was all for Luc's idea. God help him.
"So, wolf boy," she said, getting down on her knees in front of him, "I think we have some unfinished business..." Then she opened his fly and took him in her surprisingly hot mouth. 

Luc left the house, fully aware that Lara was going to devour the boy the second he was gone. He was happy for her; she had earned herself a treat after being such a good girl for the last fifty years. 
As he circled around the house in search of a very specific prey, he tried to block out the moans and groans from the house. It was one thing knowing his baby sister was sexually active, quite another to listen to her while going at it. He shuddered. 
Suddenly he caught a whiff of his dinner and smiled. Turning around, he saw it crouching behind a bush in the backyard, watching the lightened rooms - and his naked sister? Oh, no. 
Luc used his speed and came at the peeping Tom from behind, throwing the asshole to the ground. Face first. 
Immediately the perv was up again, growling dangerously. "What was that for, Luc?" he asked. 
"For perving on my sister -  and for not telling me who you are. Would have been nice to know that I've fucked with the damn Alpha!"
"And why is that?"
"Because then, I wouldn't have had to worry if you got in trouble with said Alpha for banging a vamp!"

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#Sing For The Moment (Music Review)

Last week Caris posted her Playlist of the Week, so I thought I'd look through my 'watch list' on YouTube and follow suit.

So here's my Playlist of the Week:

  • Hinder - Lips Of An Angel

Even with lyrics such as "Well, my girl's in the next room, Sometimes I wish she was you" I really enjoy singing it on Band Heroes.

  • Avicii - Addicted To You

I can not get enough of this song, it's my sing-over-and-over-again-even-though-I-don't-know-all-the-words song. 

  • Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See

"You're rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock, and those other girls are just postmix lemonade" I just love these lyrics. Arctic Monkeys always have brilliant lyrics in all their songs!

  • Twin Atlantic - Heart And Soul

The way the lead singer says 'generator' in his Scottish accent is so sexy.

  • Buck Cherry - Crazy Bitch

The songs called Crazy Bitch, need I say more...?

  • Jace Everett - Bad Things

I miss True Blood, I can't believe it's over!!

Feel free to leave a comment =)

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On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 12



“I think the ‘however’ box has already been ticked.” Lucien smirked, unable to help himself.
“Lucien!” His aunty hissed at him.
“What?!” The Alpha demanded getting to his feet. “He’s been here not ten minutes.”
Instincts took over the rest of the table as they all got to their feet in defensive postures. The two wolves towered over the vampires, but the vampires knew the wolves wouldn’t stand a chance. And the look Damian was giving his little sister told Lucien that the Alpha’s rules were definitely going to be stretched.
“Huh, I thought he’d been here longer than that.” Even Lucien could hear the ignorance in his own voice.
A little giggle turned his attention from the wolf to his sister. She had gotten to her feet, but didn’t adopt the defensive posture like Scarlet and he did. Instead she stood looking more innocent than he’d ever seen her. It’s got to be killing her to not bare her fangs at the Alpha and shout some well worded curses at him.

“I’m terribly sorry Mr Alpha, but I was very thirsty when Damian arrived, that I forgot about this little meeting my aunty had told me about.” Lara lied to the stupid Alpha, Scarlet had forgotten to tell Lara anything about this meeting and now she had to take the blame. “Please forgive me.” She beamed at him, making sure her inner thoughts didn’t show on her face. When is this bullshit going to end so she can drag her wolf – and his big arms – to bed, and finally have her way with him?!

Damian’s stance was one that he could easily jump in front of Rhydian if the boy-vamp tried anything. But with the big smiles and eye flutters Lara is giving Rhyd, he’d be half tempted to move out the way. Then Lara’s words registered in his head, Damian smiled inwardly. Lara was lying, she didn’t have a clue about this meeting, and he was betting that the phone call that interrupted their play time was either her aunt or the little boy vamp, telling her about it.

“She asked really nicely Rhyd.” Damian winked at his Alpha, causing Rhydian’s blood to boil. The only reason he’s here to set out these rules is because his Beta didn't want his son coming home in little pieces. And the idiot look on Damian’s face told Rhydian his Beta had something to worry about… “One last rule, I’ll be coming to check on Damian once a week while he’s here.”
“Ha,” the cocky boy-vamp laughed at him, “don’t you know anything about vamp–”
“It’s ok Luc,” the beautiful Lara cut into boy-vamps words, “he could come over every day if he wanted to.”
Oh yeah, she wants me. Rhydian thought to himself.
“What?” Damian demanded. 
Looks like someone’s jealous about all the attention I’m getting from the innocent little she-vamp, Rhynian thought proudly.

I’d agree to anything right now, if it meant they’d hurry up and leave. Lara confessed to herself as she bit her tongue.

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 11

Lara opened the door, not pleased that dinner/nookie time was interrupted again. Were they purposely trying to starve her? 
Opening the front door, she found herself face to face with not only her aunt and yet another hunk - by Lucifer, this one was tall, with broad massive shoulders and built... - but her brother as well. 
Giving herself a mental slap, she put on her game face - looking all innocent, naive Snow White - and beamed at them. Wouldn't do for them to guess what she'd been up to...snacking on her new chew toy apparently hadn't been part of the plan. But she hadn't been able to help herself - she had been starved.
"Come in?"

Rhydian was tense. There were three vampire too many in his vicinity. Behind the young beauty Damian appeared, greeting him with a wave of his hand, looking all too pleased with himself. What had the little shit been up to now, he wondered. His Beta's son was one crazy son of a bitch - literally - and hell bent on creating chaos everywhere he went. Which was why he thought him perfect for the job. and the pup was strong, stronger than he let on most of the time. 
Checking out the she-vamp with the great smile, he suddenly felt jealous. The sweetheart looked like a great lay.
Still lost in his musings, they went inside the 'cabin' - fucking forest palace - and sat down on a massive, elegant dinner table. Somehow everyone had a drink in front of him suddenly - fucking vamps and their speed, he thought, when he realized the scary ass male had put them in front of them. Maybe he wasn't that badass if he doubled as a servant, he thought. But then, you never knew with the bloodsuckers. 
Damien took the chair next to him, opposite the three vamps. They were ready for negotiations, it seemed. 
The young one cleared her throat in a very ladylike way and began, all smiles and shit, "So why are you here? Oh, and I'm Lara by the way." She looked at him expectantly. 
He cocked a brow at her questioning tone of voice, then realized he hadn't introduced himself yet. 
"I'm Rhydian, Alpha of the Sherwood Pack. And I'm here to talk rules for this contract we've entered."

Lara continued to smile like an idiot, even when she was ready to rip out the Alpha asshole's throat. The man rubbed her the wrong way with his God's gift to the world attitude and his patronizing looks and voice. Talking rules? What was she, five?
"Sorry that I did'n't recognize you, Alpha," she answered in a sickly sweet tone, "but I'm not much of a social person." She even fluttered her lashes like some southern belle, although she was anything but. But better that than him suspecting she had already tested the goods. 
"So, what are the rules for this somewhat delicate situation. I know I'm highly inconveniencing you." She shot him another naive, innocent look. 
He blinked. Wasn't used to manners, the jerk, she thought. Next to her she felt her brother stiffling a laugh and even her aunt had to work hard suppressing a little smile. Well, she was a good student after all  - and she watched her aunt doing the same for years. She had learned that shit from the best. 
"The rules, yes," the Alpha said then. "Well, as is stated in the contract, you get him" - pointing to the chew toy - "as long as you need him in exchange for help when we have to protect out territory. However, this only works if none of you two is harmed in either shape or form. Thus, the rules are as followed: no permanent injuries due to any physical fighting; no accidentally drinking someone dry; no chains, shackles or other torturing devices; but most important I demand equal treatment of Damian while he's here - so no dog house, no dog jokes, no nothing."
"These are a lot of rules," Luc drawled then, obviously not liking the Alpha's demands, "what do we, or rather my sister get in return for her being so... considerate?"
The Alpha's eyes changed shape and color then - most likely he wasn't too fond of Luc's hard, steely tone - but he remained where he was. "In return," he replied with acid, "in return, Damian is doing exactly as he's told."
"Meaning?" Scarlet asked, using the same bimbo routine like Lara. 
"Meaning that he is at service whenever, wherever, and however the lady demands. Though I don't suspect the however be of importance."

Lucien was already contemplating the fifth way of ridding the world of the asshat Alpha's presence, when his last sentence penetrated his musings. He blinked. The wolf thought his sister... what? Inexperienced? He stifled another laugh. Oh, the Alpha had been sucked in by Lara's featherhead routine. What a moron. 
And given the smirk on the chew toy's face, the young wolf found this highly amusing. Oh my, what had his sister been up to in the short hour since the toy's arrival? Now that he thought of it, he could smell Lara on the wolf - all over him. 
He was proud of his lil' sis'. She obviously hadn't wasted any time to get acquainted. But then, he had taken the models with him and he suspected she'd been hungry. 
But back to the dickhead in front of him. He was a good-looking specimen, and certainly doable, but he just insulted his sister. 
The sister who pierced his thigh with her claws at the moment. She knew him well.
Still, he would let no asshole question her. 
So he said,"...

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On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 10



Damian laid sprawled out on the floor, the crazy she-vamp just jumped him, knocking the air too fast out of his lungs. Then she dug her evil fangs into his neck, without warning! It went against every instinctive fibre in his body not to fling her across the room, but he was having far too much fun to let that happen.

The she-vamp started to slide down his body, her long black hair in a mass around her and on his chest, he started to think that being her whore for a few months might not be so bad after all… 

A phone rang from somewhere in the house. “Don’t answer that,” he gasped, desperate for her not to stop.

Her head flew up, meeting her eyes with his. “I don’t take orders from you!” She hissed, then disappeared from his crotch. 

Whoever is on the phone, I hope they die a horrible and painful death! Damian thought as he dragged his arse off the floor. 

Getting to his feet he felt a watery substance trickling down his neck. He took a deep breath, lazy cow left the fang holes wide-open. Price of being a prostitute, he reminded himself.

Clasping a hand to the side of his neck he went in search for a first aid kit. His neck would eventually heal but he didn’t want his blood staining his shirt.

Walking into the grand kitchen he started to look in cupboards and draws. 
“What are you doing?!” 
“Jesus Christ!” The creepy little hot she-vamp made him jump. “Would you object to wearing a bell around your neck while I’m here?” 
She didn’t need to answer him, the look he got from her was suffice enough – she did not find him funny.

She-vamp just glared at him, Damian wasn’t sure what she was trying to do. Hypnotize him? He guessed.
Or maybe… “Do you wanna pick up from where we left off?” He offered. “This floor looks just as good as the one out there.” He cocked up his right eye brow, hoping like hell she’d jump him again.
But instead she huffed and folded her arms across her chest. “We cant, your Alpha has demanded a meeting with us and my aunty, before we go any further into this ‘alliance’!” 
What is Rhydian up to now? Damian wondered but soon got distracted by Lara’s body language. Mmm, it turned him on seeing how upset she was about being told she’s not allowed to sleep with him yet.
“You know, I’m not a fan of being told what to do?” He let go of his neck hoping to taunt her with the smell of his blood.
Lara licked her lips, “maybe I should cover those wounds?”

“Yeah, we don’t want Rhydian to come here and see that you’ve neglected the toy he loaned you.” Damian joked, causing Lara to let out a beautiful wind chime laugh.

After she healed him she didn’t move out of his arms straight away. “Before they get here, I was wondering if we could make a deal?” She purred.

“What sort of deal?” He asked, running his hands up the side of her body, intrigued to find out why she’s being so nice to him all of a sudden.

“I’ll let you stay in my house if you don’t tell your Alpha that I already bit you…” She gave him a bright toothy smile.

Hell yeah, he thought, then decided to chance his luck. “I’ll say deal, if, you keep being this nice to me.”

She bust out laughing. He figured it was a long shot.

“Fine,” Damian agreed, “I wont tell him, but if he asks me outright I cant lie.”

“Fucking wolves.” She muttered as she walked away from him.
“Where are you going?” He demanded.
“They’re here.” She announced walking out of the kitchen.

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On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 9

Closing the door behind him, Lara leaned against it to prevent her new canine chew toy from running. 
She was hungry. She hadn't eaten since yesterday, the fleeing idiot human had messed with last night's dinner plans and her brother had actually taken the models with him - without thinking about her. And then her auntie's call came about an hour ago, saying her temporary mate was going to knock on her door soon. 
By Lucifer, it had taken her almost thirty minutes to stop the angry screaming. That was their plan - serve her a wolf on a silver plater, hers to jump whenever she felt like it... ugh. The thing with those wolves was that they reeked. Of wet dog. And the heat... their metabolsim ran higher than even the humans'. She shuddered at the thought. Anyway, she was digressing. First things first. Staring at her new toy she didn't say a word. Like her aunt had reminded her, she had to make sure he understood she was the Alpha here. Let the power games commence. 
The wolf just stared back at her, his whole expression screaming 'pissed beyond belief'. 
But still, she waited.
The not-that-bad-looking wolf with his radiating green eyes, his dark brown shoulder-lenght hair and his hunky body finally got over his disgruntled petulance, gave in and said irreverently - , "Name's Damian. Where's my room and how is this going to work?"
She blinked. This was not what she had expected him to say. Did the dog have no manners at all? She might be young yet, but twenty vampire years actully translated into two hundred human years. She knew the weres outlived the human by centuries, but they weren't immortal, not like her own race. How dare the little shit talk to her, his superior, that way?
"Name's Lara, your room is out there," she said, pointing to the window showing a nice comfortable dog house, "'cause I sure don't want your stench in my house, and how this is going to work, you little shit? I call you when I'm in the mood, that's how. And in between my moods, you keep your ass in that house out there. Or else!" 
She smiled, flashing her razorsharp teeth. 
All that got her was a howling wolf. Howling with laughter. "I might have to whore myself out because my Alpha ordered me to do so, but I ain't going to live in yet another shed, and I won't be at your beck and call, you lazy ass vampire."
Now he bared his own teeth. 
"I might not be Alpha, Princess, but I'm no pushover. If I have to stick my dick in you on a regular basis as well as letting you sink your teeth into me, then you are going to do your damnest to keep me happy and in the mood. Or I'll leave and take care there won't be a replacement, none at all. Got that?"
Lara's eyes had turned red with her anger at his rude words. Still pissed and hungry and fucking turned on by this surprising show of power, she kicked reason in its balls and jumped the wolf.
The two crashed onto the ground, the toy gripping her hard, which only heightened her tumultuous emotions. She clawed his cheek, pushing his head to the side with it, and sank her pointed, dangerous teeth into his vein. 
As she drank, she began rubbing herself on his body, and ravelled in the fresh, young and spicy taste of his blood. 
And then she felt his massive hard-on. She licked her lips. Maybe it was time for some dessert. And her auntie always said cream was the best. 
As she slid down his body, an evil smile appeared on her lips. Let's see if her auntie was right.

On Going Story: (Cool Title Anyone?)



“Damian!” His father yelled after him. He’d be tempted to turn into his wolf form, just to get further away from him right now. But Damian knows he wouldn’t stand a chance against the speed of his Beta father.

“STOP!” The command from the Beta of his pack was a hard one to ignore, so Damian stopped dead, unable to move.

His father came to stand in front of him. “You have to do this, it’s a request from your Alpha, son.”

“Would you take a vampire mate?!” He yelled at his father, still disgusted at the thought. 

Being twenty-three and unmated in a pack of wolves this small isn’t sitting well with the Alpha apparently. What Damian wouldn’t do to be a human and away from this arse-first lifestyle he’s grown up in! And now he’s being pimped out to a vampire for a few months until she turns twenty-one, or ‘coming of age’ as the Alpha had put it. Its bullshit, the Alpha isn’t mated, why should he get away with it – oh yeah, because he’s the boss. Bullshit.

“I would if it meant helping the pack, we need ally’s, and what’s better than immortal vampires to rely on?”

Damian shook his head knowing if he refused to become this vampires chew toy he’d be kicked out of the pack for real this time. He looked pleadingly into his father’s eyes. “I hate this.”

“I know son, but sometimes in life we have to do thing we don’t want to. It’ll only be for a couple of months.”

He huffed, dreading the words he was about to speak. “Fine…take me to the vampire.” 

Relief washed over his father’s stern face, “thank you son.”

After packing a duffle bag of clothes and other shit he got into the passenger side of his dad’s car. The pack had kind words to say as he left, such as ‘I’d whore myself out for the benefit of the pack too’ and ‘have fun blood bag’, he decided kind was an optimistic view of their goodbyes, but the patronizing pat on the back the Alpha gave him was worse.

The drive to the vampire’s house didn’t take as long as he’d expected. He could run home from this distance.

“What’s the vamp’s name?” He asked, feeling even more like a prostitute for not knowing the answer.

His dad hide the smile that was threatening to claim his lips, “Lara.”

As his dad turned into the drive way, a disturbing thought past through Damian’s mind as the house came into view. ‘I’ve always wanted to live in a huge house like this’ he thought, ‘as opposed to the garden shed’s I’m used to calling my home’.

Once his dad stopped the car Damian dragged his duffle bag from the back seat onto his lap, then opened the door.

“Aren’t you getting out?” He asked his dad.

“You’re a big boy now, you don’t need me to hold your hand.” His dad smiled, finding his son’s situation amusing.

Damian huffed, “great.” He got out and slammed the car door, not bothering to say goodbye.

Slowly dragging his feet to the house he beat his fist down on the big ugly front door. His dad was already gone, he’d drove off as soon as Damian was out of the car.

It took forever for the lazy vamp to finally answer the door.

Huh, she might have been half decent looking if she wasn’t a vampire.

She stuck her chin out before speaking and sniffed the air around him. “I hate you,” she claimed as a sickly sweet smile spread across her face, “but you’ll do. Come in.”



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