Friday, November 7, 2014

#Mirror Mirror: News About Ourselves

I'm proud to say that I got yet another great blogger to read my books and the wonderful lady in question - Jen from the Dragon Blog: Sassy Sisters on Fire - didn't only offer to review my works but also granted me some space to ramble on about what I love most (of the non-human variety, of course): writing!

Thanks again for doing this, Jen - you are great!

So feel free to check out my guest post over at the Dragon Blog (HERE) and enter the giveaway for both Soul of Fire and Emerald Fire :)

BTW, the guest post is called Family Dinner from Hell or How to Write Fantasy and gives you an insight on how I mostly come up with fantasy plots. Or how I imagine Lord of the Rings came into being (Tolkien sure attended one too many dinners of this kind - no matter what all those war-happy scholars claim to the contrary)

Anyway, today the review for Emerald Fire will be up, the one for Soul of Fire goes live tomorrow! Can't wait to see what Jen thought about my novels...
So, if you are interested in an honest review on my books, please venture over there and check out the Dragon Blog!

Enjoy your Friday - weekend is coming up fast!



  1. Your guest post is brilliant, I'm tempted to try it when I get bored in college, but I promised myself when I started that I wouldn't let my imagination take over and pay attention! Shit!

  2. As if you could help it... :)
    Paying attention is overrated - that's what class notes are for LOL

  3. I have to pay attention to what I'm writing though otherwise my 'class notes' would read something along the lines of; my college coming under attack from unknown forces and the only way to save ourselves is to understand algebra - what do you think, makings of a knew book???

  4. Sure - how a geek single-handedly saves the world from an alien attack by boring them to death with algebra?! How about it? LOL

  5. LMAO!! That's a good idea but I was thinking one of the dinner ladies defends us from the algebra programed killer robots, and the geek dies because he was boring :)




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