Thursday, November 6, 2014

#Diary of the Weird and Wonderful

Hi Folks, 

here we are again!!!
Thanks to a shortage of time (we realized that there are times a day needed to have at least 36 hrs instead of the measly 24 hrs we're granted) and a gruesome, evil, hellish stomach flu on my part (thanks, girls, for taking me out of commision for almost ten days - and that after taking care of you when all of  you camped next to the bathroom!) we had to cut short on our entertainment - that is blogging and reading fun stuff - and deal with real life.

At that point I want to say THANK YOU to Carla for holding up so well and get at least some posts done despite of her workload. You are the most amazing best blog pal EVER!

However, we promise to make up for lost time and get going again (permitted real life doesn't interfere again).

Up and Coming: 

For next week I plan to indulge in my (not-so) secret love of YA novels and give you the coop on some of my favorites.

While cleaning out my kindle, I found some interesting stuff that made it on my re-read list...some of them pretty straight forward romances, some more kinky, some steamy, some, well, interesting :)
I've got to admit that those are left-overs from my contemp. romance/erotica phase, which is sadly but truly over. But like I said, they are fun and hot, so I will tell you about them, hoping you enjoy that as well.

Love, Caris


  1. Aww you're too kind :) but we both know I totally slacked off without you lol

  2. Best stop all these compliments before my head gets too big to fit through doors!

  3. Not going to happen, honey :) you ARE awesome, so suck it up <3

    1. Fine I'll suck it up and try to keep the swelling down <3




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