Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#Diary of the Weird and Wonderful: #amwriting

Good morning world!

So, I know I've promised I tell you all about my favorite YA novels this week, BUT... and yes, there is one, of course - I got sucked into writing again. Thanks to my two-week hiatus, I thought to catch up this weekend and what do you know...I'm still writing! I've spent every free minute dreaming, plotting and typing whatever the voice in my head (the one I affectionately call 'my creative bitch LOL) told me to.

And... I've got about five chapters left of Sword of Fire! I'm so proud and happy and what-not, because that means that my baby is going to be out at around Christmas. YEY!

I think it turned out good so far...but I'll have to read the thing as a whole first, to be absolutely sure ;)

Anyway, the promised blogs will find a way to you, but a bit later than I thought - so maybe at Saturday or Sunday, whenever I need a break from all the drama and fighting that is waiting for me in Sword of Fire!

Great News: I'm proud to announce that Carla was equally productive with Old Soul's Coven #2, despite the distractions of a) college and b) life with a boy and a husband! You rock, girl! 
But I digress, so back to what's important: I've got the pleasure of reading an ARC of her new book, and... it's so, so, so, so gooood! 
(I believe my exact words were "Fuck me sideways, you did it again!" - how's that for feedback? LOL) 

Wish you all the best and a great time with everything you do!


  1. Aww I was going to leave you a sarcastic remark, but after reading your 'PS' bit my imagination has suddenly forgotten what he was going to say LOL I'm so glad you've only got 5 chapters left to write!! I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!

  2. I'm glad as well - everything's wrapping up nicely...sorry for not replying, but once I started to write I couldn't seem to stop...
    Anyway, nice that I managed to shut up that twat of yours for a minute or two...though I'm sure it would have been fun!

  3. Don't stop writing, and don't forget to send it to me as soon as you type 'The End' 😉
    Yeah, well done for getting him to be good for a minute or two, I never knew it could be done 😋




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