Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#Read Me, Love Me, Buy Me (Book Review)

LIKE: Social Media #2
By J.A Huss

Vaughn Asher. I’ve stalked him relentlessly. I shaped and formed my lust into the perfect dirty hashtag…day after day… weekend after weekend. He was my prince. My fairy tale. My fantasy.
I gave him the best years of my online life and what did he do for me?
Ruined my social media experience one tweet at a time. That’s what.
MovieStar @VaughnAsher
@FilthyBlueBird #Fantastic #BackToNatureFucking
#MissingSomething #You
And now #TheDickWhoIsVaughnAsher thinks he can weasel his way back into this filthy blue bird’s Twitter account? He’s wrong.
His public fantasy is about to collide… ah, fuck it. He’s hot as hell, bitches. I need more than a free sample. This time I want it all and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

The first chapter of this book is better than the whole of the first book (FOLLOW #1), I guess that proves that if you're going to read a series you should commit to it. I am so happy I committed to this series!!

I love Vaughn Asher, he is a big surprise that I didn't expect...

And it seems that there is a method to Huss's madness when it comes to Grace running away and being weird towards Vaughn (I don't know what that reason is yet, but I've got a feeling it's going to be BIG). Can't wait for #3!! 

Oh, and there's actual tweeting in this book, YEY =)

I give this book 4 stars, it was a really good read.

Get your copy HERE

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