Thursday, October 9, 2014

#Read Me, Love Me, Buy Me (Book Review)

One Love

(Lost in Love, #3)


"You'll always be my hero, baby."

With the worst behind them, Nate takes special care to help Kyle heal properly. Deep inside, Nate is still plagued with doubts of whether Kyle is ready to engage in an open relationship with him. Behind closed doors, Kyle is eager to be the boyfriend and lover Nate always dreamed of him being...but once they step out where the world can see them, will Kyle want to withdraw and hide again? But Kyle is fully aware of Nate's uncertainties and takes it upon himself to prove to the man just how "open" he is willing to be. 


So. After reading Carla's reviews of Book One and Two, I decided to add this to my reading list as well. 
What can I say - I got me the trilogy and started reading...and kept on reading...and reading...and reading...until the end. Then I looked around me, lying in bed, surrounded by piles and piles of tissues and started cursing my blog mate. For making me read one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful and heartwrenching stories ever. 
It wasn't so much what happened but how it happened that made me cry like a baby. 
The first two books dealt with a lot of heartbreak, shitty fate and almost lost love - and I was a wreck afterwards. Then came One Love. 
It was the perfect mix between a hilarious coming out - I won't ever get the pink penis enlarger tee out of mind - the most perfect proposal and one of the greatest wedding speeches ever. 
God, I'm a sucker for happy endings and this one was one the most perfect HEAs I've ever come across. Even though corny and cliché, it was just perfect for Nate and Kyle after everthing that had happened so far. "You'll always be my hero, baby!"

I'm deducting a half star because of my puffy eyes after the crying marathon. Half of it would have done too, dear Mrs. Snead! Otherwise a perfect read for everyone looking for the perfect romance. 

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