Saturday, October 4, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 15

"I know," Claire sighed into the phone, "me too. I've talked to your brother already and we've agreed that we'll wait until Lara has come of age and the transition is over and done with - she'll need both me and Harris at that time." "Don't count on him to be here in time. If I know him, the temple he's in is dedicated to yet another fertility goddess - he's sure as shit banging his brains out over there; why else would he take witches with him?" Scarlet exhaled heavily. "But then, he never was the best of fathers; thank God the kids have mothers to care for them. Anyway, I think Lara's birthday may be a blessing: we can assist her and then break the news to her and Luc; it won't be that much of surprise then, don't you think?"
"That sounds like a good plan," her sister-in-law and love of Scarlet's life agreed. 
"So you're coming home? I miss you."
"I miss you too, honey. But I can't just come home - I'm supposed to be in some ancient temple, baby." Claire paused for a moment, thinking. "How about you make a trip to London instead? You tell everyone there was a pipe burst at the mansion and you need to oversee the repairs? And before you say it, the kids are old enough to survive two months without supervision. It wouldn't be the first time. Between the wolf in the house to take care of Lara's needs and Luc to watch over her, everything will be fine."
Scarlet had grinned at Claire's excitement. Now that was one eager lover. "All right, babe. But only on one condition: I need to check up on them once every day. The Alpha announced to do the same, fearing for Lara's chew toy, so..."
"Five minutes,"Claire muttered. "I'll give you five fucking minutes for your call. The rest of the day belongs to us, and only us!"
"I'll be there in about two hours. Be a darling and await me in bed in my favorite outfit," Scarlet purred.
"You bet I will," Claire replied in a sexy voice and hung up.
By Lucifer, Scarlet thought as she hastily packed a suitcase, two months alone-time with her lover - they hadn't had that since Lara was born. And now Clarie was waiting for her in their bed  - naked. She hurried even more and leaving a scribbled note on the dresser in the entrance room for Luc, she left the house.  

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