Friday, October 3, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone): Chapter 14

Chapter 14


“If I’d have told you I’m an Alpha, you wouldn’t have come anywhere near me.” Rhyd growled.
“You don’t know that.” Luc shot back, he actually liked knowing his wolf is an Alpha.
“Oh really, so you’ve told your precious aunt about me? Or your sexy little sis–” Before Rhyd could finish disrespecting Lara, Luc gripped his throat.
“Don’t you dare go anywhere near her.” He warned.
Rhydian swung his fist into Luc’s gut, causing Luc to leave go of him. “You acted like you didn’t even know me in there Lucien! When your aunt rang me and I realized it was your sister that needed help, I didn’t even blink before saying yes, I’m doing all of this for you.”
“You still should have told me who you were.” Luc said again, not wanting to let it go.
“How was I going to convince you I’m an Alpha, when you wouldn’t take me seriously after I asked you to be my mate?”
“That’s because you know nothing about vampires.” Luc said arrogantly.
“What don’t I know?”
“You don’t know how to handle a twenty-year-old vamp for one, Lara had you wrapped around her little finger earlier.”
“Hey, she can wrap me around any part of her body–”
“Rhyd!” Lucien gritted his teeth together.
“Chill,” Rhyd laughed, “I’m just busting your ball.”
Luc looked away from Rhyd, he wanted to get the talking part out of the way before…before he lets Rhydian really bust his balls.
“You don’t know anything about my family either.”
“I’ll learn about your family, after.”
“After what?”
“After you agree to mate me, and only me…”

Scarlet paced around on the hardwood floor of her living room, glass of whisky in one hand and her mobile in the other.
“It’s me.” Scarlet sighed.
“What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong is, your kids are driving me crazy.”
“First of all; they’re our kids, secondly; what have they done know?”
“Err, Lara’s coming of age next month and her parents are nowhere to be seen. So I had to act as her pimp, and find her a wolf.”
“I knew she’d be ok with you there.”
“Why do you do this to me, is it not bad enough that I couldn’t be the one to give you children, I had to trust my brother with that task instead? Where are you, why aren’t you here with me Claire?”
“I’m scared.” Claire confessed quietly. “I don’t want to tell the kids the truth on my own, and your brother is off with a coven of witches somewhere in an ancient temple out of cell range.”
“You’re the one sending the e-mails to the kids?” Scarlet asked, remembering Lucien going on about how happy his parents looked in the pictures they’d sent.
“Yeah, thank Lucifer for Photoshop.”
Scarlet gulped down the rest of her whisky, “where are you Claire?”
“I’m still in the country.”
“I’ve waited centuries for our time to come. You promised me once both of the kids had come of ages you’d leave Harris and have a real relationship with me again… I’m sick of hiding.”

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