Thursday, October 2, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 13

Lucien looked at his sister, trying to figure out what she was up to now. The Alpha was welcome every fucking day? Ha, he thought, no way. Lara did not appreciate regular check-ups. And surely not from an asshole like the Alpha showing no respect whatsoever. So what was this all about?
While he still wondered about that, Lara continued as sweet as before, "Well, if that was all..." She turned a bit, then pointed her finger towards the exit. "There's the door."
Still playing Snow White the Dumb, she went over to the Alpha, who still stood there radiating aggression, took his arm and ushered him out. "Bye," she said, moving him over threshold and closed the door with a bang behind him. Only to open it again a second later. "Oh, and make sure to call before you knock on my door - I do have a life, you know." Bang, the second. 
"Well done, vamp," the chew toy said from the dinner room door. "I've never seen Rhyd so pissed in all my life. That look was priceless."
"Shut it, pup," Luc snapped at him. "Or I'll forget you're here for a reason."
"Sweetie," Aunt Scarlet said then, "no threatening our guests. Your mother raised you better than that; I raised you better than that." Then she slapped him on the head - like a four-year-old. Not fair
Next she focused on Lara though, who still had this devilish look in her eyes. 
"So Lara; first, sorry for not telling you. Second, care to share what that was all about? And how in hell you managed to snack on the poor pup within minutes of his arrival?" 

Lara swallowed. What to say, what to say? The truth was out, since that would mean an extended lecture about manners and what-not. And she wasn't in the mood for that. However, she was in the mood for some fun and the chew toy and she had unfinished business. What with cream for dessert and stuff. But she had no choice. Scarlet would know when she was lying.
"Why, Auntie, it was either making an effort and be nice or wipe the floor with him; I didn't think you'd appreciate the former. And for the rest - it's all your fault; you told Luc to take the food with you, which left me starving. I was just quenching my thirst." She was back to the Snow White routine now, hoping her aunt would accept her words and just leave
"Hm," her aunt said, "I don't know. In any case, Luc is staying the night, seeing to it that you treat the pup well. I'm not in the mood for another fight with the wolves just right now. And sweetie, behave."
Lara nodded, though she was fuming. Luc had to stay here? What the fuck? 

Fifteen minutes later, Scarlet left and Lara was alone with Damian. And her brother. Great. 
"She's gone," she told Luc, when she didn't hear the car anymore. "You can leave now. And thanks for ratting me out, Luc. That was really helpful," she hissed. 
"Not so fast, Lara, not so fast. First I'm gonna have a littel talk with the chew toy here." Luc grinned evilly. 
"Yeah, whatever, but make fast. I don't have all day."
Luc gripped Damian at his gruff and threw him on the couch in the living room. "Hey, you can't leave me alone with your crazy-ass vamp lover, bitch! That's not in the contract. You heard Rhyd, no injuries!"
"Oh, stop with the whining, boy, will you? First, Luc here is my brother, not my lover - ugh- and second, your alpha said no permanent injuries. Trust me, Luc knows the difference."
"What? Fuck no! I refuse to have that talk with him - not with him still pissed at my Alpha!"
"Uncaring cow! It's your fault if I can't perform when he's finished. Do you hear?" he yelled. 

"Enough!" Luc boomed and squeezed the wolf's throat to shut him up. "I'll make it short: leave a bruise on her and die. Be less than respectful, and die. Hurt her feelings and die. Did I make myself clear?"

Damian swallowed. Wow, these vamps really were scary in their anger. He knew the boy-vamp wasn't kidding around. He'd be six feet under within a blink if he was stupid enough to do any of the above mentioned things. Good thing he wasn't stupid.

"Crystal clear," he finally answered Lara's badass brother. Damn, that had been a relief; as much as he didn't like the prostitute part, he couldn't deny that the vamp was hot - and worth his while. The thought of a lover at the sides had dampened his interest in her considerably. He wasn't one to poach. But with the asshole being her brother, his interest was back, full force.
"Good," came the clipped answer. "Have fun, guys - and Lara, make sure to break him in good. Maybe we need him again." And then the brother was gone. 
Break him in? What the hell?
But given the evil grin on Lara's face, she was all for Luc's idea. God help him.
"So, wolf boy," she said, getting down on her knees in front of him, "I think we have some unfinished business..." Then she opened his fly and took him in her surprisingly hot mouth. 

Luc left the house, fully aware that Lara was going to devour the boy the second he was gone. He was happy for her; she had earned herself a treat after being such a good girl for the last fifty years. 
As he circled around the house in search of a very specific prey, he tried to block out the moans and groans from the house. It was one thing knowing his baby sister was sexually active, quite another to listen to her while going at it. He shuddered. 
Suddenly he caught a whiff of his dinner and smiled. Turning around, he saw it crouching behind a bush in the backyard, watching the lightened rooms - and his naked sister? Oh, no. 
Luc used his speed and came at the peeping Tom from behind, throwing the asshole to the ground. Face first. 
Immediately the perv was up again, growling dangerously. "What was that for, Luc?" he asked. 
"For perving on my sister -  and for not telling me who you are. Would have been nice to know that I've fucked with the damn Alpha!"
"And why is that?"
"Because then, I wouldn't have had to worry if you got in trouble with said Alpha for banging a vamp!"

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