Sunday, September 7, 2014

#Watch This!: Dawn of the Dragon Slayer (Trashy Movie Review)

Dawn of the Dragon Slayer (2011)

(Caution: Low Budget Production!)

When Will's father is killed by a dragon, he embarks on an epic journey filled by vengeance that leads him to an ancestral home which he stays at and works for the tyrannical Sterling in order to learn how to slay the beast. While he is training, he befriends Sterling's daughter Kate, and Sterling becomes increasingly suspicious of and threatened by Will. He orders his men to kill him but Will escapes. Now Will must evade Sterling's men whilst trying to avenge his father.


Whenever it’s pouring outside and I’m bored and cold and mopey and I’m not in the mood for reading (no intellectual stimulation wanted or needed, thank you very much) I go hunting for bad movies. Why? Because bad actors, worse dialogues, and even worse special effects are the only things that can put me out of my funk. Fast.
Nothing cures funk like two hours of laughter and proof that your life isn’t that bad after all if there are people out there needing money so bad that they’d be part of such trash.

So, it was on one of said rainy Sunday afternoons some time ago when I was bored and mopey that I came across this nice little B (or is it C?) movie. I was in the mood for dragons, heroes, sickly-sweet romance and no plot. Since there aren’t that many dragon movies (I haven’t already seen, that is) I decided to choose the first new one I come across on my search. And ended up with Dawn of the Dragon Slayer. Here I was now, cuddled up in bed, popcorn ready, expecting 90 minutes of hilarious inconsistencies and atrocious dialogues and I got… a  pleasant surprise!
Dawn of the Dragon Slayer is low-budget with a cast to go with it, no two things about it; however, the screen play is surprisingly good – the dialogues are nothing new but solid, the characters do have depth (which is amazing given this genre) and the dragon is well made (nice CGI, most expensive item of the film, I’d say!). The romance is standard fare with long meaningful looks, quality time spent together, with some banter thrown in and so on, but it’s nothing cringe-worthy and doesn’t leave a bad taste.
And the setting is so charming: green meadows, beautiful medieval castles, impressions of the Highlands (there’s even a lake looking like Loch Ness’s cousin) and the customary ragged cliffs.

SUM TOTAL: 5 STARS in the Trash genre/3 STARS in the general category

As far as low budget fantasy trash goes, this is a real gem. So everyone out there with the same strange love for B/C/D-movies, check this out. It’s the perfect film for rainy afternoons, it’s harmless enough for older kids to watch (the ones not afraid of fire breathing dragons) and like I said it’s strangely charming and heart-warming. 

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