Monday, September 22, 2014

#Read me, Love Me, Buy Me (Book Review)


(Blackbird & Confessor, #1)

By Mara Jacobs

I could tell you my name, but then I’d have to kill you. 
Forced to live in seclusion, my only contact with the outside world is with my online chat buddies. I give out different screen names with every person except with one: Confessor. To him, and only him, my name is Blackbird. He is my soul mate. At least online.
I make a living buying and selling used computers. Usually I can just ignore the stuff that’s left on the machine by the previous owner, but the desktop picture on my newest acquisition stops me cold. It’s the face of the man who killed my father twenty years ago. The man who sent me into hiding. The first time, anyway.
I start digging through the machine, telling Confessor about my every move. Except the part about wanting to avenge my father’s murder.
A dead body gives me the perfect excuse to leave my nest and head to Tennessee, to find the murderer, and to reclaim my life. Once there, I find myself torn between two men, and pining for my mysterious Confessor. And just when I think I’ve got things solved, my past is revealed, throwing my plans of vengeance into chaos.
Will I fly free, or have my wings clipped?


I found this book thanks to one of those pesky nag mail - I was bored and thought a mystery sounded like the perfect way to spend the evening. So I clicked on the link, read the description, got me the sample and... had to buy the book. 

The author is mostly known for her romance books - which I didn't know at that time, thankfully - but with Broken Wings she has proven that she can do mystery as well as the narrative is strong, compelling and keeps you glued to your e-reader. 

Broken Wings has everything: a recluse reselling used laptops, online dating, a backgammon tournament (both online and in real life), virtual heart-to hearts with an unknown male, murder, more murder, a mobster in hiding, country music, a bar, pancakes and a wild night in a shady motel. 

All of these ingredients make for a good read, but the way they are put together gave me goosebumps - and not of the good kind. 
Why? Because you never know who or what is hiding behind a cool nickname. Hence, online dating for creeps 101. 

Broken Wings is a great mystery with many ingredients that the author blends perfectly into a compelling story. And it will change your online behavior forever. 

Find your copy HERE

Your opinion is appreciated, so tell me what you think about the book and leave a comment! ;)

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