Sunday, September 28, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 9

Closing the door behind him, Lara leaned against it to prevent her new canine chew toy from running. 
She was hungry. She hadn't eaten since yesterday, the fleeing idiot human had messed with last night's dinner plans and her brother had actually taken the models with him - without thinking about her. And then her auntie's call came about an hour ago, saying her temporary mate was going to knock on her door soon. 
By Lucifer, it had taken her almost thirty minutes to stop the angry screaming. That was their plan - serve her a wolf on a silver plater, hers to jump whenever she felt like it... ugh. The thing with those wolves was that they reeked. Of wet dog. And the heat... their metabolsim ran higher than even the humans'. She shuddered at the thought. Anyway, she was digressing. First things first. Staring at her new toy she didn't say a word. Like her aunt had reminded her, she had to make sure he understood she was the Alpha here. Let the power games commence. 
The wolf just stared back at her, his whole expression screaming 'pissed beyond belief'. 
But still, she waited.
The not-that-bad-looking wolf with his radiating green eyes, his dark brown shoulder-lenght hair and his hunky body finally got over his disgruntled petulance, gave in and said irreverently - , "Name's Damian. Where's my room and how is this going to work?"
She blinked. This was not what she had expected him to say. Did the dog have no manners at all? She might be young yet, but twenty vampire years actully translated into two hundred human years. She knew the weres outlived the human by centuries, but they weren't immortal, not like her own race. How dare the little shit talk to her, his superior, that way?
"Name's Lara, your room is out there," she said, pointing to the window showing a nice comfortable dog house, "'cause I sure don't want your stench in my house, and how this is going to work, you little shit? I call you when I'm in the mood, that's how. And in between my moods, you keep your ass in that house out there. Or else!" 
She smiled, flashing her razorsharp teeth. 
All that got her was a howling wolf. Howling with laughter. "I might have to whore myself out because my Alpha ordered me to do so, but I ain't going to live in yet another shed, and I won't be at your beck and call, you lazy ass vampire."
Now he bared his own teeth. 
"I might not be Alpha, Princess, but I'm no pushover. If I have to stick my dick in you on a regular basis as well as letting you sink your teeth into me, then you are going to do your damnest to keep me happy and in the mood. Or I'll leave and take care there won't be a replacement, none at all. Got that?"
Lara's eyes had turned red with her anger at his rude words. Still pissed and hungry and fucking turned on by this surprising show of power, she kicked reason in its balls and jumped the wolf.
The two crashed onto the ground, the toy gripping her hard, which only heightened her tumultuous emotions. She clawed his cheek, pushing his head to the side with it, and sank her pointed, dangerous teeth into his vein. 
As she drank, she began rubbing herself on his body, and ravelled in the fresh, young and spicy taste of his blood. 
And then she felt his massive hard-on. She licked her lips. Maybe it was time for some dessert. And her auntie always said cream was the best. 
As she slid down his body, an evil smile appeared on her lips. Let's see if her auntie was right.

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