Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 12



“I think the ‘however’ box has already been ticked.” Lucien smirked, unable to help himself.
“Lucien!” His aunty hissed at him.
“What?!” The Alpha demanded getting to his feet. “He’s been here not ten minutes.”
Instincts took over the rest of the table as they all got to their feet in defensive postures. The two wolves towered over the vampires, but the vampires knew the wolves wouldn’t stand a chance. And the look Damian was giving his little sister told Lucien that the Alpha’s rules were definitely going to be stretched.
“Huh, I thought he’d been here longer than that.” Even Lucien could hear the ignorance in his own voice.
A little giggle turned his attention from the wolf to his sister. She had gotten to her feet, but didn’t adopt the defensive posture like Scarlet and he did. Instead she stood looking more innocent than he’d ever seen her. It’s got to be killing her to not bare her fangs at the Alpha and shout some well worded curses at him.

“I’m terribly sorry Mr Alpha, but I was very thirsty when Damian arrived, that I forgot about this little meeting my aunty had told me about.” Lara lied to the stupid Alpha, Scarlet had forgotten to tell Lara anything about this meeting and now she had to take the blame. “Please forgive me.” She beamed at him, making sure her inner thoughts didn’t show on her face. When is this bullshit going to end so she can drag her wolf – and his big arms – to bed, and finally have her way with him?!

Damian’s stance was one that he could easily jump in front of Rhydian if the boy-vamp tried anything. But with the big smiles and eye flutters Lara is giving Rhyd, he’d be half tempted to move out the way. Then Lara’s words registered in his head, Damian smiled inwardly. Lara was lying, she didn’t have a clue about this meeting, and he was betting that the phone call that interrupted their play time was either her aunt or the little boy vamp, telling her about it.

“She asked really nicely Rhyd.” Damian winked at his Alpha, causing Rhydian’s blood to boil. The only reason he’s here to set out these rules is because his Beta didn't want his son coming home in little pieces. And the idiot look on Damian’s face told Rhydian his Beta had something to worry about… “One last rule, I’ll be coming to check on Damian once a week while he’s here.”
“Ha,” the cocky boy-vamp laughed at him, “don’t you know anything about vamp–”
“It’s ok Luc,” the beautiful Lara cut into boy-vamps words, “he could come over every day if he wanted to.”
Oh yeah, she wants me. Rhydian thought to himself.
“What?” Damian demanded. 
Looks like someone’s jealous about all the attention I’m getting from the innocent little she-vamp, Rhynian thought proudly.

I’d agree to anything right now, if it meant they’d hurry up and leave. Lara confessed to herself as she bit her tongue.

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