Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 11

Lara opened the door, not pleased that dinner/nookie time was interrupted again. Were they purposely trying to starve her? 
Opening the front door, she found herself face to face with not only her aunt and yet another hunk - by Lucifer, this one was tall, with broad massive shoulders and built... - but her brother as well. 
Giving herself a mental slap, she put on her game face - looking all innocent, naive Snow White - and beamed at them. Wouldn't do for them to guess what she'd been up to...snacking on her new chew toy apparently hadn't been part of the plan. But she hadn't been able to help herself - she had been starved.
"Come in?"

Rhydian was tense. There were three vampire too many in his vicinity. Behind the young beauty Damian appeared, greeting him with a wave of his hand, looking all too pleased with himself. What had the little shit been up to now, he wondered. His Beta's son was one crazy son of a bitch - literally - and hell bent on creating chaos everywhere he went. Which was why he thought him perfect for the job. and the pup was strong, stronger than he let on most of the time. 
Checking out the she-vamp with the great smile, he suddenly felt jealous. The sweetheart looked like a great lay.
Still lost in his musings, they went inside the 'cabin' - fucking forest palace - and sat down on a massive, elegant dinner table. Somehow everyone had a drink in front of him suddenly - fucking vamps and their speed, he thought, when he realized the scary ass male had put them in front of them. Maybe he wasn't that badass if he doubled as a servant, he thought. But then, you never knew with the bloodsuckers. 
Damien took the chair next to him, opposite the three vamps. They were ready for negotiations, it seemed. 
The young one cleared her throat in a very ladylike way and began, all smiles and shit, "So why are you here? Oh, and I'm Lara by the way." She looked at him expectantly. 
He cocked a brow at her questioning tone of voice, then realized he hadn't introduced himself yet. 
"I'm Rhydian, Alpha of the Sherwood Pack. And I'm here to talk rules for this contract we've entered."

Lara continued to smile like an idiot, even when she was ready to rip out the Alpha asshole's throat. The man rubbed her the wrong way with his God's gift to the world attitude and his patronizing looks and voice. Talking rules? What was she, five?
"Sorry that I did'n't recognize you, Alpha," she answered in a sickly sweet tone, "but I'm not much of a social person." She even fluttered her lashes like some southern belle, although she was anything but. But better that than him suspecting she had already tested the goods. 
"So, what are the rules for this somewhat delicate situation. I know I'm highly inconveniencing you." She shot him another naive, innocent look. 
He blinked. Wasn't used to manners, the jerk, she thought. Next to her she felt her brother stiffling a laugh and even her aunt had to work hard suppressing a little smile. Well, she was a good student after all  - and she watched her aunt doing the same for years. She had learned that shit from the best. 
"The rules, yes," the Alpha said then. "Well, as is stated in the contract, you get him" - pointing to the chew toy - "as long as you need him in exchange for help when we have to protect out territory. However, this only works if none of you two is harmed in either shape or form. Thus, the rules are as followed: no permanent injuries due to any physical fighting; no accidentally drinking someone dry; no chains, shackles or other torturing devices; but most important I demand equal treatment of Damian while he's here - so no dog house, no dog jokes, no nothing."
"These are a lot of rules," Luc drawled then, obviously not liking the Alpha's demands, "what do we, or rather my sister get in return for her being so... considerate?"
The Alpha's eyes changed shape and color then - most likely he wasn't too fond of Luc's hard, steely tone - but he remained where he was. "In return," he replied with acid, "in return, Damian is doing exactly as he's told."
"Meaning?" Scarlet asked, using the same bimbo routine like Lara. 
"Meaning that he is at service whenever, wherever, and however the lady demands. Though I don't suspect the however be of importance."

Lucien was already contemplating the fifth way of ridding the world of the asshat Alpha's presence, when his last sentence penetrated his musings. He blinked. The wolf thought his sister... what? Inexperienced? He stifled another laugh. Oh, the Alpha had been sucked in by Lara's featherhead routine. What a moron. 
And given the smirk on the chew toy's face, the young wolf found this highly amusing. Oh my, what had his sister been up to in the short hour since the toy's arrival? Now that he thought of it, he could smell Lara on the wolf - all over him. 
He was proud of his lil' sis'. She obviously hadn't wasted any time to get acquainted. But then, he had taken the models with him and he suspected she'd been hungry. 
But back to the dickhead in front of him. He was a good-looking specimen, and certainly doable, but he just insulted his sister. 
The sister who pierced his thigh with her claws at the moment. She knew him well.
Still, he would let no asshole question her. 
So he said,"...

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