Sunday, September 28, 2014

On Going Story: (Cool Title Anyone?)



“Damian!” His father yelled after him. He’d be tempted to turn into his wolf form, just to get further away from him right now. But Damian knows he wouldn’t stand a chance against the speed of his Beta father.

“STOP!” The command from the Beta of his pack was a hard one to ignore, so Damian stopped dead, unable to move.

His father came to stand in front of him. “You have to do this, it’s a request from your Alpha, son.”

“Would you take a vampire mate?!” He yelled at his father, still disgusted at the thought. 

Being twenty-three and unmated in a pack of wolves this small isn’t sitting well with the Alpha apparently. What Damian wouldn’t do to be a human and away from this arse-first lifestyle he’s grown up in! And now he’s being pimped out to a vampire for a few months until she turns twenty-one, or ‘coming of age’ as the Alpha had put it. Its bullshit, the Alpha isn’t mated, why should he get away with it – oh yeah, because he’s the boss. Bullshit.

“I would if it meant helping the pack, we need ally’s, and what’s better than immortal vampires to rely on?”

Damian shook his head knowing if he refused to become this vampires chew toy he’d be kicked out of the pack for real this time. He looked pleadingly into his father’s eyes. “I hate this.”

“I know son, but sometimes in life we have to do thing we don’t want to. It’ll only be for a couple of months.”

He huffed, dreading the words he was about to speak. “Fine…take me to the vampire.” 

Relief washed over his father’s stern face, “thank you son.”

After packing a duffle bag of clothes and other shit he got into the passenger side of his dad’s car. The pack had kind words to say as he left, such as ‘I’d whore myself out for the benefit of the pack too’ and ‘have fun blood bag’, he decided kind was an optimistic view of their goodbyes, but the patronizing pat on the back the Alpha gave him was worse.

The drive to the vampire’s house didn’t take as long as he’d expected. He could run home from this distance.

“What’s the vamp’s name?” He asked, feeling even more like a prostitute for not knowing the answer.

His dad hide the smile that was threatening to claim his lips, “Lara.”

As his dad turned into the drive way, a disturbing thought past through Damian’s mind as the house came into view. ‘I’ve always wanted to live in a huge house like this’ he thought, ‘as opposed to the garden shed’s I’m used to calling my home’.

Once his dad stopped the car Damian dragged his duffle bag from the back seat onto his lap, then opened the door.

“Aren’t you getting out?” He asked his dad.

“You’re a big boy now, you don’t need me to hold your hand.” His dad smiled, finding his son’s situation amusing.

Damian huffed, “great.” He got out and slammed the car door, not bothering to say goodbye.

Slowly dragging his feet to the house he beat his fist down on the big ugly front door. His dad was already gone, he’d drove off as soon as Damian was out of the car.

It took forever for the lazy vamp to finally answer the door.

Huh, she might have been half decent looking if she wasn’t a vampire.

She stuck her chin out before speaking and sniffed the air around him. “I hate you,” she claimed as a sickly sweet smile spread across her face, “but you’ll do. Come in.”

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