Thursday, September 25, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?): Chapter 7

"Tell me what?" she asked, irked. That bunch was good thing her mother taught her at least some manners, or she would have voiced the thoughts running through her mind right now. Neither her brother nor her aunt would have appreciated them. 
"Uh, do you mind, Aunt Scarlet?" her brother said, having taken her phone in an incredibly fast move. 
Show off, Lara thought disgusted. 
"If I must...perhaps it would be better to wait for Claire and Harris to explain?" her aunt suggested in a hopeful voice. 
"They are spending most of their time in an ancient temple - the constructors back then didn't really think about cell reception...meaning they won't be available for yet another month! And I'm sure as shit won't spend that whole time with a pestering, nagging nuisance. You know she won't let it go... and you are way better equipped to explain the whole thing."
"So you say. What  exactly are doing in the house by the way?"
"Supervising her?"
"And snacking on models?"
"Yeah, well, no use in letting good food go to waste, right?"
"Impertinent boy! I'll explain it to her, but I want you gone within the next fifteen minutes. It's too dangerous - for both of you!"
"Yeah, yeah, prepare me a room then, Auntie; if I have to move out here, i'll move in with you."
"By Lucifer, if your parents ever ask me to babysit again, remind me to say no and leave the continent," Scarlet muttered. "Why did they have to go now, at such a critical time?"
Lucien handed Lara the phone and immediately started packing. Lara stared at him, baffled. This had to be the first time her brother did exactly like he was told. This didn't bode well. Not at all. 
"So, dearest auntie, what's going on?" she asked. "Why does Lucien have to leave? And what shall I do with all the food? These skinny types don't have a long shelf life, so to speak...?"
"Let's start with the food: tell Luc to bring them; for the rest: they are kind of related..."
Lara's patience was close to running out. "Tell me already, will you? Otherwise you're going to have two houseguests instead of one!"
"Uh oh, no, no, no. That wouldn't do!" Scarlet screeched at her brilliant threat. Her aunt hated, absolutely hated, sleep-overs. Especially those of the prolonged kind. 
"Yes, well, child, it's because of your coming of age..." Lara heard Scarlet exhale heavily and then her aunt's tone turned cold. "One of the side-effects of coming of age is that your hunger will steadily increase, even more so with the curse. The Gorgons were a hungry folk, Lara - and I'm not talking blood here. The last month you won't be able to differentiate between an appropriate and not so appropriate candidate for sating your desires. You know what I'm talking about, right? You must have noticed already."
Now it was Lara's turn to be silent. 
"So what you're saying is that Luc has to go because I might forget he's my brother one night and jump his bones?" she yelled, irate now. How disgusting was that? Even the mere thought made her gag. 
"Um, yes. But did you notice already?"
"Yes, I did. But I chalked it up to my hormones acting up. It's a bit lonely out here. So, auntie dearest, what am I supposed to do now? I can't lock me in and watch porn for the next months! That's ridiculous!"
"No, you can't. That's not what I meant, anyway. Where do you get these ideas, girl?" A sigh. "No, what your parents should have done, but obviously didn't, which I must do now, is to get you a...a partner of sorts." 
"A partner. As in bed partner?" Lara asked stunned. 
"Yes." The answer should have satisfied her, but the way her aunt said it,...
"What are you not saying?" Lara asked her in a deadly voice. 
"You'll find out anyway...that partner - it can't be a vampire. Your blood would kill the unfortunate individual; thanks to the curse your blood gets toxic for the next months."
"So it's what? A dhampir? A human? A satyr? What?"
"The only beings able to take that kind of hunger for a prolonged time, my dear, are wolves, darling. You'll share your bed with a werewolf for the forseeable future."
A wolf? She had to shag a wolf? Lara pressed the phone to her chest and then she screamed. And screamed. Ands screamed. 
When she had calmed down enough to be able to talk again, she asked her aunt in a quivering voice, hoping against hope that there was a shortage of available wolves, "And where will you get one? It's not like you can mail-order them at Weres R Us?"
"No, of course not." Smug silence. "Didn't you hear? A new pack's moved to town - and rumor has it they are on the prowl."

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