Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title Anyone?):



…she rang her aunt. It was supposed to be an empty threat to her brother, but after the words came out, Lara decided it was a good idea.
“Put the phone down!” Her brother demanded in a deadly low voice. “I’m serious.”
Lara ignored him, she didn’t really plan on getting her brother into trouble with their aunty (that really was an empty threat).
“Lara?” Her aunty Scarlett said, answering her phone in a surprisingly shocked voice.
“Yes,” Lara replied, wondering why her aunty was so freaked-out to hear from her. “I was wondering if you’d like to come over for something to eat,” she scanned her brother’s room. There was two girls sleeping on his sofa and the girl he’d dropped to the floor had picked herself up, and was now on his bed. “We have modals.” She smiled.
“We?” Her aunty asked accusingly. “Is your brother there?”
Lara looked at her brother, confused as to why her aunty spoke like it was a bad thing that her brother was here.
Why wouldn’t he be here? She wondered.
“What’s going on?!” Lara demanded from both her brother and her aunty, finally clicking on to the fact that her family are keeping secrets from her… again.

Her brother looked away from her as he spoke. “I was going to tell you…”

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  1. fantastic read girls keep it up :)

    1. We sure will... :)
      Even if Carla did it again and left me clueless again with how to proceed! lol
      Thanks for the comment - we love that you love your story! We love it too :)




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