Thursday, September 18, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?):



… his answer, given that she had stormed into his room without knocking. Oops. 
“Check your calendar, stupid!”
Yep, her brother hated, absolutely hated being disturbed at dinner, especially when he had intended to have a little ‘fun’ as well.
Looking around his room to find out what he had planned for tonight’s feast, she raised a brow.
“You do know that the brown, Roman chains don’t go well with the 70’s LSD flashback motif?”
As he looked daggers at her –which she ignored – she said, “I asked because of…”
Her brother cut her off midsentence. “I know why you ask; next time wipe off the gravel, will you? And we have still another fifty years, or our parents wouldn’t have gone on that sabbatical. By the way, did you get last night’s email? The pics of that ancient temple of what’s-his-name are amazing. The light…”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen them. Great photos, yadda, yadda. Anyway, when do they plan to come back? They might have another fifty years, but I’m coming of age in two months’ time,” she said, adding a “it’s already November, ignorant jerk, I hope you already have a present in mind”, then went on with her rant, “and it would be great if someone told me what to expect in terms of that blasted curse! I know you haven’t been as affected a decade ago, as you are male – something about your genes being too damaged, or so mama explained it – but seeing that I’m female with genes in perfect working order, it would be nice to know if I turn into  a statue right away or not. Or if I change into a feckin’ Gargoyle if I’m not careful.”
Her brother only looked at her, gaping in utter shock. “Coming of Age? Gargoyles?... What the hell?...Besides, I’ll have you know the Roman chains and shackles go perfectly with 70’s d├ęcor – that’s called a cross-over, little sister!”
“That’s not a cross-over, that’s bad taste. Anyway, you planning on answering my questions any time this century? Or do I have to call Auntie Scarlet? Mentioning that you were too occupied with something else to take care of me?”
More gaping.
“You wouldn’t dare!”
“Of course I would. Watch me,” she said arrogantly, taking out her phone that clearly showed the date, including the year, and…

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