Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?):



...stood up, breaking free from the stone. Thankfully for her, being vampire born hindered the Gorgon curse from completely consuming her body and turning her to stone for eternity.
But, every time she uses the curse to her advantage it’s a reminder of the ticking time bomb her parents were cursed with.
At the thought of her parents’ curse, fear and dread washed over her features.
The gormless human was still stood silently in front of her.
“What year is it?” She demanded.
He didn’t answer.
Remembering humans are only useful for one thing, she forced her fangs free from her gums and jammed them into his neck.
After she got her bitter fill she gave him his phone, wiped all memory of her from his brain, and send him on his way.

Once she was back at her lair she wasted no time marching straight to her brother’s room.
Flinging the double doors open she yelled. “What year is it?!”
Her brother jumped to his feet letting the girl, draped across his lap, fall to the floor.
“What. Year. Is. It?”
Her brother opened his mouth to answer, but she already knew…

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