Thursday, September 11, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?):



The rest of her sentence was drowned in his decidedly not manly scream as he landed on his well-formed behind. 
She flinched. Ouch, that hurt. Her poor ears, not his butt. Like the rest of her senses they were extraordinarily sensitive and his high-pitched wail almost managed to pierce her eardrums. What a pussy, she thought disgusted. However, time for play was up. Her brother was going to ground her for the next decade if he had to come out for damage control. And that was in addition to banning her from fashion shows and online shoppping. She knew; it wouldn't be the first time. By the Lord of the Pit, couldn't her parents just cut short their sabbatical and come back already? Somehow she had envisioned her brother being more... laid back? Whatever.
The hunky human had to shut up. Now. 
She sighed at the thought of what she had to do to get him back in blessed silence. Weren't there any hunky heroes in this age, she wondered. The Middle Ages might have been dark and disgusting, but at least the man had been courageous and shit. Enough procrastinating though. 
She changed form and waited. Slowly she watched as the idiot's pupils dilated and his body grew still, one delicious part after the other. Ah, the Gorgon's Curse still worked on those petty humans, even after eons. Now that's what she called a classic move. Proud of herself, she... 

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