Sunday, September 7, 2014

On Going Story (Cool Title, Anyone?):

Here's CHAPTER 1 of our joint-venture story: 
(Happy Reading!)

Caris -
Standing at the balcony of her little lair, she watched him running through the woods, amused. The little sweetie, she thought. Maybe she should have left him his cell with the navigation app – he was running in the wrong direction: away from her.
Well, she loved a good hunt and it might be fun to play a little game of catch. How thoughtful of him, she mused.
But did he have to scream so loud? So not a challenge. She’d have to explain that to him later.
Suddenly the door behind her opened. Her big brother stepped next to her.
“What did I tell you about playing with your food?” he sighed. “All this adrenaline in his blood isn’t good for you! You’ll be up all night again; besides, he’ll taste awfully bitter now.”
Another sigh.
She gave him another eye roll. She hated it when he went all mature on her. He of all people, who was hiding collars and shackles under his mattress. So much for not playing with one’s food. Damn hypocrite.
“You’ve got five minutes to bring him back, or…"

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